japan time: September 26, 2017 12:51 JST

Customer Voice

What customers say about NBC Corporation
From: Mr. David phiri
Subject: Toyota Passo
hi nadeem thank so much for reliability.i recieved the car in good condition and iam very greatful for the business relationship we have created.i have told my friends and family about your good heart.
From: Eboko Francis
Subject: Toyota Mark II
am so happy. I have got the car, I drove it from Mombasa to Uganda, a distance of over 1000KMs and it was running excellently.

Surely tomorrow, I will send my smiley pictures with my vehicle for NBC Customer Voice Page. I will continue to introduce my friends and relatives to your Company but please do for me the homework of a Toyota Noah Road Tourer. Should wallet friendly but as good as this one.

Proud owner pauses with the machine. Thank you so much
Subject: Toyota Vitz
I have purchased a Vitz from Car Japan and this Car is running in great mood. I am really quite happy and always recommend my family and friends to this company.

From: Cephas Pinder
Subject: Toyota Isis
Hello, It's running real good my wife loves it, thank you very much. Thanks again...
From: Justin kabwe
Subject: Volkswagen New Beetle
This Item was received in good state and perfect way

I hope you will receive the Smiling photos and proud of the Machine
Subject: Toyota Hiace Van
i will keep in touch and thanks for your service
From: Kenan Kalagho
Subject: Mitsubishi Outlander
Dear Amin,
I received the car yesterday. Thank you very much for the car you sold me. It is the best car around my community. I am impressed. I will buy from you again. Since I have the cards, I already gave some to people. I will send you the pictures tomorrow. Again, thank you very much!
You are one of the best business person in the world. Keep it up!
From: Andrea Duvalier
Subject: Toyota Passo
Thank you for the Red Car it was every thing I expected and more. Love it I look forward in doing more Business with you in the near future Shalom the peace of God be with you all Amen.
Subject: Toyota Verossa
Thanks NBC corporation very much for selling me a perfect, excellent car. it is so nice, communication was spot on, everything was soooo great. I like my car and I recommend every one to buy from NBC corporation, their delivery was as promised.President Amin you are zoo great. thank ,shukuran, bravo, I appreciated. hoping to do more business with you in the near future.
From: Matankiso Ranooe
Subject: Toyota Isis
Thank you very much...I received the car and I am happy with it! Pleasure doing business with you!