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From: Mutafela Kalaluka
Subject: Townace Noah
Dear Nadeem,
I am glad to inform you that my vehicle arrived and everyone is admiring it thanks a

lot. I am really very excite about the condition of the car. its a very beautiful car and it

arrived in a very good condition. I really got what i saw on the internet.

Mutafela Kalaluka
Subject: Toyota Premio
Dear Nadeem,

This is to inform you that the above car arrived.

I was very happy with its condition and my customer was happy too.

I am now preparing for 2004 orders and i am sure of doing business with you.

As promised I hereby attach photos as follows;

1.Handing over car keys to the owner.

2.Myself and the car owner (Mr. Bosilio Mungania)

Best regards
Boniface Mutembei
Subject: Toyota Carina
Dear Nadeem,

Thanks so much Mr Nadeen i receive the car (Toyota CARINA),the car is in good
condition than i expected and real appreciate for your closely assistance
and cooperation, The car is of good quality and excellent condition. I lso channel my sincere thanks to NBC Corporation and especially Nadeem who was all the time communicate to me for all the stages reached, So Nadeem may GOD bless you and hope we shall do more business.NBC Corporation it is good Company frankly speaking in the terms of shipping arrangement and mode of payment, I have received the Car as planned, So big up and continue to be with a well programmed time table!

I attached the photos as promised!


From: Lilian Modest Makundi
Subject: Nissan Caravan Van
Dear Mr Nadeem,

Find the attached Photo of Nissan caravan.
I received my carvan In excellent condition. You know it’s very difficult to believe that when you see a car on the internet, you pay your hard earned cash into a bank account you are not sure of, to a person/company you have never deal with before and all these are in a far off country where you never see any hope of reaching let alone following your cash up!!

NBC Corporation proved to me that they are very honest business people and really care for our buys because they maintained a personal touch throughout the transaction by E-mail and phone calls.

It was nice doing business with you and hope to do more business in future.
And I really enjoyed your service Easy Pay.

From: David Ndayisenga
Subject: Subaru FORESTER
Thank you for your help. I have received the Subaru Forester, and it is
in better condition than expected. with a good feel consumption. I
appreciate the team of NBC Corporation for cooperation at all and I trust
NBC Corporation and I really love to your service Easy pay.


David Ndayisenga
From: Mwamba Simbao
Subject: Mercedes-benz C-Class
I wish to say thanks to Mr nadeem and Nbc corporation over the good service given to me, I received the car in very good condition and i must say am very happy with it. I drove the car all the
way from Dar to Lusaka myself and i must say it ran perfectly with no problem. Thank you and am looking forward to doing more business with you. As agreed I have attached photos of me with the car.

Mwamba Simbao
From: Simon Richard Mahimbo
Subject: Toyota Altezza
Thanks so much Mr Nadeen i receive the car (Toyota Altezza),sure it is very nice I appreciate for your good cooperation,I first apologize for not reply your mail very early as i told you that i was outside of my country ,surely i didn't believe when i first drive it yesterday it is nice with good quality and excellent condition.
May my God bless you I'm looking forward to make another business with you also telling my friend about you

Best regard
Saimon Richard
From: Alestair Caines
Subject: Honda Accord
I have receive the Honda Accord and i am very impress with it so far. The car is nice even more than I expected it and I really love it. thank you NBC Corporation for professionally handling my transaction I will not hesitate to come back or recommending your company to others.
because NBC Corporation proved direct transfer the money to NBC Corporation account safe and secure and I really dislike transfer the payment through pay trade because I don't want to pay extra money for pay trade fee.

Thanks again and hoping to business sometime with you again in the near future.

Alestair Caines
From: Lesa Felix Musonda
NBC Corporation is the Company that I will not hesitate to recommend any one who would like to buy a car from them .I bought a car from them which I am enjoying ,and I received it in good condition from Japan to Dar es salaam in less than a month. Try to deal with Mr. Nadeem Amin The president, and you will surely enjoy their services.

From: Freda Mughogho
Subject: Mitsubishi Pajero Io
Thank you very much NBC corporation.
I was amazed. The vehicle is in very good condition.
Surely, I will not hesitate to do business with you in the future.
I have already referred some few people to your site.
I love your customer care and good handling my payment when I decide to send you 100% advance I little worried but I really appreciate your urgent response after received my money and shipping schedule and update me step by step. I believe NBC Corporation is name of trust and I hate to pay extra money through pay trade.