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From: Eboko Francis
Subject: Toyota Mark II
am so happy. I have got the car, I drove it from Mombasa to Uganda, a distance of over 1000KMs and it was running excellently.

Surely tomorrow, I will send my smiley pictures with my vehicle for NBC Customer Voice Page. I will continue to introduce my friends and relatives to your Company but please do for me the homework of a Toyota Noah Road Tourer. Should wallet friendly but as good as this one.

Proud owner pauses with the machine. Thank you so much
Subject: Toyota Vitz
I have purchased a Vitz from Car Japan and this Car is running in great mood. I am really quite happy and always recommend my family and friends to this company.

From: Cephas Pinder
Subject: Toyota Isis
Hello, It's running real good my wife loves it, thank you very much. Thanks again...
From: Justin kabwe
Subject: Volkswagen New Beetle
This Item was received in good state and perfect way

I hope you will receive the Smiling photos and proud of the Machine
Subject: Toyota Hiace Van
i will keep in touch and thanks for your service
From: Kenan Kalagho
Subject: Mitsubishi Outlander
Dear Amin,
I received the car yesterday. Thank you very much for the car you sold me. It is the best car around my community. I am impressed. I will buy from you again. Since I have the cards, I already gave some to people. I will send you the pictures tomorrow. Again, thank you very much!
You are one of the best business person in the world. Keep it up!
From: Andrea Duvalier
Subject: Toyota Passo
Thank you for the Red Car it was every thing I expected and more. Love it I look forward in doing more Business with you in the near future Shalom the peace of God be with you all Amen.
Subject: Toyota Verossa
Thanks NBC corporation very much for selling me a perfect, excellent car. it is so nice, communication was spot on, everything was soooo great. I like my car and I recommend every one to buy from NBC corporation, their delivery was as promised.President Amin you are zoo great. thank ,shukuran, bravo, I appreciated. hoping to do more business with you in the near future.
From: Matankiso Ranooe
Subject: Toyota Isis
Thank you very much...I received the car and I am happy with it! Pleasure doing business with you!
From: Hameed Aslam
Subject: Toyota Vitz

I have purchased this wonderful Toyota Vitz and I am completely satisfied with this and the way they have dealt with me. InshaAllah will purchase more Cars from them.