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Customer Voice

What customers say about NBC Corporation
From: Mutafela Kalaluka
Subject: Townace Noah
Dear Nadeem,
I am glad to inform you that my vehicle arrived and everyone is admiring it thanks a

lot. I am really very excite about the condition of the car. its a very beautiful car and it

arrived in a very good condition. I really got what i saw on the internet.

Mutafela Kalaluka
From: Mwamba Simbao
Subject: Mercedes-benz C-Class
I wish to say thanks to Mr nadeem and Nbc corporation over the good service given to me, I received the car in very good condition and i must say am very happy with it. I drove the car all the
way from Dar to Lusaka myself and i must say it ran perfectly with no problem. Thank you and am looking forward to doing more business with you. As agreed I have attached photos of me with the car.

Mwamba Simbao
From: Lesa Felix Musonda
NBC Corporation is the Company that I will not hesitate to recommend any one who would like to buy a car from them .I bought a car from them which I am enjoying ,and I received it in good condition from Japan to Dar es salaam in less than a month. Try to deal with Mr. Nadeem Amin The president, and you will surely enjoy their services.

From: Mbalazi Casius
Subject: Toyota Altezza
Dear Nadeem,
This car is a marvel!!! I did not expect to get a car like this one from a website, six disc changer CD player, fantastic Interior, the engine and body almost new, thank you very much!! I travelled with it for more than 2333km from Dar es Salaam via Malawi and entering Zambia at Malawi border post to Lusaka, there was no problem.
This car is excellent and i will make sure that people that are close to me get your website, the performance and condition of this car exceeds my dreams and i wont hastate to buy another car from you because they are reasonably cheap and you get what you chose and see, you have made me blind to other websites, thank you!!!! thank you!!!! you have given me a wonderful car!!

All the best!

I have sent the photos for you to see.

Mbalazi Casius
From: Justin Lupambo
Subject: Toyota Harrier
Thanks NBC Corporation for the good car you sent for us. We shall do a lot of business together because at least I buy 2 vehicles per month or two so when I find something I like on your official site. I won t hesitated to inquire, hope to do more business with you。Thanks I was in Tanzania picking other cars that I bought I will market your company here, then when I need a car I will be inquiring from you.