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Customer Voice

What customers say about NBC Corporation
From: Brian Chileshe
Subject: Toyota Avensis
Dear ,
President Mohammad Nadeem Amin,

I write to you regarding the above subject. I am extremely delighted to inform you that I received an excellent vehicle (Toyota Avensis) and I would like to thank you for your great cooperation which I will live to cherish and share with my family and friends. It has wonderful music system, interior and exterior outlooks and security features.

Thanks and Kind regards,

Brian Chileshe

From: Danny Musukwa
Subject: Mitsubishi Pajero iO
Though it has been a long time since I got this vehicle, I just thought I send you some pictures and just say thank you for the splendid service that you gave me. The vehicle was delivered in good condition, and after 8 months its performance has been wonderful. I have been recommending people to buy from your company for the good service and also for the prices that you offer. I intend to buy from you again sometime later this year. Thank you!!

Danny Musukwa
Subject: Toyota Altezza
Dear president,

Have received my B/L and b/cards which u send 2me so next time u should also send me NBC t-shirt.attached is my photo with my one and only childam very,very happy and i wont stop saying u people u are exrent in yo work i can say this to you 1million time b-coz u are the best ever.

best regards,
From: Frank Mwafulirwa.
Subject: Honda CR-V
Thank you for an excellent service.I received the vehicle as per the posted photos and I will not hesitate to deal with the seller again any time. It only took 5weeks from time of ordering to the time the vehicle landed at the port of delivery (Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania). And that is satisfactory delivery by any measure!

Frank Mwafulirwa.
From: Matipa Benson
Subject: Toyota Grand Hiace
NBC Corporation is a trust worth Company that sells very good quality vehicles.Just see my good vehicle supplied by NBC Corporation.I really recommend this Company to all those who want to buy vehicles.Personally, i will continue buying vehicles from NBC Corporation.


Matipa Benson,Zambia.
From: Willard Musipa
Subject: Toyota Townace Noah
Its been a good deal doing business with you, I received the car if wonderful condition, with a 20CD changer inside. It drives and runs great. My family enjoys it. Thank you so much for being trust worthy.


Willard Musipa
From: Anderson
Subject: Toyota Dyna Truck
I just wanted to say thats for the wonderful vehicle which arrived
days ago. I appreciate your recommendation and the truth you indicated
about the motor vehicle Toyota Dyna.
I will confirm that I shall buy more vehicles from you in all my next
orders to come.
i only ask you to update our account system when requesting for
quotations because the current system needs you to fill the details
some format on and on again.
Your Customer
From: David Silwamba
Subject: Mercedes Benz V-Class
President Amin

Thank you for your good cooperation and updating me. I received my vehicle
it is excellent as you where say thank so,so much. i will do more busines with you.


David Silwamba
From: Lillian C Libwe
Subject: Toyota Ipsum
Dear Mr President,

Thank you very much for the lovely vehicle, it runs good and feels good too!

I shall be sending you photographs as soon as I get done with some pressure of work.

The plain truth is that it is a good buy!

Kind regards

Lillian C Libwe (Ms)
From: Adson Kaira
Subject: Mitsubishi Canter
Hi Nadeem,

I just want to inform you that I received the vehicle which I procured, in perfect condition. The engine,the mileage were all in good condition. To cut the story short I liked the vehicle.

Next time I will be another vehicle I will not hesitate to contact you and NBC corporation.

Kind Regards,
Adson Kaira.